How can we improve the teaching method/pattern in rural areas?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Education ResearchHow can we improve the teaching method/pattern in rural areas?
grandkumari asked 5 months ago

People are rushing towards the convent or public schools because they provide the best teaching methods with great technology gadgets. On the other hand, government schools are not showing the sparks which it should have shown. How can we improve the process of teaching in a rural school?

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Palak answered 5 months ago

Improving teaching methods in a rural area is not that hard, the thing is that before doing anything we should improve ourselves. If the teachers are hardworking and sincere, then the teaching method will also become better. Not all the teachers are the same, but still, we are the one who, if take the initiative, can create a better future for the children.

Jaya answered 5 months ago

Our government can provide new technologies, workshops or can guide the teachers by providing them proper training and guidance so that they can give their best to the students. 
Right now, teachers those who are not so skilled are struggling with the latest teaching methods. But when those teachers get proper training, they will be able to create the future of the children.

Simran answered 5 months ago

If proper funds are provided to the schools those are in rural areas by which adequate maintenance of the school will be done, then people will change their mindset that government schools are not good enough as compared to the public schools.
Once the infrastructure is good, then good teachers will also come to teach.

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