How can I use self-directed or self- learning process in my home?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Parent's LifeHow can I use self-directed or self- learning process in my home?
Shiv asked 4 weeks ago

My child no doubt is a fast learner, but he studies only that much when my wife and I are around him as soon as we leave that place our child closes his notebooks and books and come along with us.
As he is growing up, he needs to learn that he has to study on his own, we can’t be by his side every time as we both are working parents. Can anyone help me on this situation that as to how I should make him independent learner?

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sarikastar answered 4 weeks ago

I get the situation the child does this to grab your attention, and it will take some time but instead leaving the room immediately try gradually distance your self from the study table to the couch and you can read a novel or can swipe your mobile screens. The child will see this, and if you are not leaving the room, then he will remain in his place but tries to keep an eye on you.
After repeating this process, try to leave him by saying that you are going to take a glass of water and will be back soon. You can repeat this process for a while and try to observe the change, and then you can increase the time duration.

Yashi answered 3 weeks ago

I think If you really want your child to study in a relaxed manner then try not to force him to study in the same old fashioned method. Instead, you can go for some fun-loving activity-based learning. Play some learning games indoor or out in the park. Children are inquisitive, and they love to learn things but not in a boring way but in a fun way.

shifastar answered 2 weeks ago

You can prepare some revision test sheets at home by yourself to make your child prepare for the coming exams. Such revision sheets help the child to do the things on his own. These sheets help your son to sit in a place and solve it. Such sheets should be based on activities like- riddles, logical puzzles, etc. Doing this not only help your child understand things but also help them to be more creative and discipline.

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