Has technology changed education methods?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Education ResearchHas technology changed education methods?
Abhishree asked 11 months ago
People believe that changing in time may also change the techniques and methods that we are using so far. Is this phrase really exists? How and in what manner technology has changed the education methods? 
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Palak answered 11 months ago
Yes, technology had changed the teaching methods a lot as now teachers, as well as the students, try to use digital way to study. Nowadays the craze of online teaching and studying is going high and high. 
Previously, people used to read books from the library but now an online book library is preferred as it is easy to go through the collection of books and can be read anywhere at any time.
Yashi answered 11 months ago
Yes, technology has changed the education system as now teachers are more interested in teaching students with the help of digital methods. Technology made the work of the teacher’s easier as now teachers can take many examples, syllabus, content from online to discuss it in the class on the spot or can download the stuff for future use as well.
Simran answered 11 months ago
Yes, technology has changed the style of education but on a limited scale. In urban areas, people are using technologies on the various scale, whereas if we talk about rural areas, still there are places where people don’t know what technology is!
No doubt, people of city areas are enjoying the technology in their best possible way. In education, technology is playing a vital role. But on the other hand people (villagers) don’t even know what “Education” is.

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