Do teachers focus on strength or weaknesses?

Ask and AnswerCategory: Education ResearchDo teachers focus on strength or weaknesses?
Vaibhav asked 11 months ago
Many times it is seen that teachers mostly focuses on children’s strength and not on their weaknesses. Is this true?
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Parth answered 11 months ago
Being a teacher, it is our responsibility to focus on our students which means we have to focus on both strengths and weaknesses. When we get children to teach them then from that day, we play the role of their parents, and we treat them like our children. So being a parent of children, we take care of both aspects.
Simran answered 11 months ago
Teaching involves various responsibilities which must be fulfilled for the betterment of the children.
It is assumed that we teachers are doing things which are told us to do and not shows our efforts towards the teaching pattern. But, I must say that we teachers do give our 100% and we give equal importance to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Thus try to make them solve their problem rather than solving ourselves.

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