Parenting is a funny job sometimes (Short Humour)

“One day my kid was playing in drawing room with computer and left the computer on. He thought he ruined the computer as he wasn’t able to switch it off. He was trying to hide the fact the best he could. He didn’t let me enter the living room for a whole day and started pestering me to go for a vacation somewhere away from home and forget about home for a while. So to make the situation more comical, I tricked him into playing hide and seek and hid behind the curtain of the living room. He came to find me in the living room and saw the computer on with a broken sad face. He was fidgeting, looking anywhere but my face. He started crying and apologised many a times. That was the time when I started laughing and then told him how to switch it off. He was relieved and then I asked him to promise that he’ll tell me whatever mistake he has committed without any hesitation the next time.”


Written by Gayatri-Berry


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