Bridging the communication gap with your child

Lately been feeling some hesitation to communicate with your child? Or is it simply the inability to bring something meaningful out of a conversation? Whatever the case might be, through some tips and improvements, one can evade all of this. Otherwise, this gap might keep on increasing as life moves on.

#1 Keep your ears open

Are you there for their problems? And if you are, are you paying attention to it? This is the beginning of how these gaps arise. Failing to keep up with your child’s happiness, misery, agony, excitement, sorrow etc. would make them oblivious to ever bring out their emotions right in front of you.

#2 You’ve got to be a kid

To play with your child, acting in a certain behaviour may seem like immaturity given your age and one chooses to stay put from this. THAT IS EXACTLY IT! You have to be understanding enough to know that they are not mature people so it’s inevitable for them to behave in this manner. Occasionally, try to be like them; be foolish, silly and playful.

#3 Friends forever

Whatever it takes to be a good friend of theirs, do it! But I’ll repeat a bit of cautionary advice as I did in one of the answers – master the fine line between a good friend and a good parent, make sure one doesn’t dominate the other.

#4 Times change, thinking changes

We usually try to impose our conventional thinking of how things work, society works onto our children. This generation gap is a permanent and endless cycle. To combat it, the best response would be to have a liberating mindset. It is hard to take in all this, especially being a parent but this needs to be done in order to make your child supremely healthy.

#5 Persuade them with kindness

If you’ve ever caught them doing something wrong and unacceptable, prefer to make them understand this in a gentle and kind way instead of getting aggressive. The issue might seem insignificant to us, but our hostile behaviour could scar them permanently.

#6 Let them help you

Parents, ALWAYS end up overlooking the suggestions of their kids in times of financial, personal, professional, mental stress. As a matter of fact, children are the truest form of us humans and will always bring out unbiased, natural and honest opinions out of their heads. Being free from the responsibilities of this world enables them to think at their full potential, which we humans fail to do. More than often, they even remind us of the most essential and obvious aspects that simply skip our mind. Better bondage and relationship is just a bonus that comes with it.

#7 Keep pace with technological evolution

I guess we all can relate to this one almost immediately. The ever-confusing gadgetries are so overwhelming. If it is possible for you, try to grasp the knowledge of what your kids use, it’ll put you in a really useful position to have an edge over them.

#8 Reinforcement

Lastly, always appreciate the efforts of your children for engaging a conversation and keeping everything ‘open.’ A positive attitude is contagious and leads to outright positivity in any respect – mood, outcomes, behaviour etc.

One step at a time, and you’ll perfectly bridge this gap. These communication gaps do not become a hurdle at this stage of their lives, but it starts when they too become adults. They’d simply prefer to ignore you and as a parent, there is no feeling as devastating as this. So without looking back, go ahead and do your part.


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